Swiss Group of International Schools Annual Conference | March 20-21 | Institute Florimont, Geneva

"Engage educators" at SGIS Schools

Exhibiting at conferences, as we all know, is not the most cutting edge form of marketing. After all, in one way or another it has been going on since the introduction of the market stall. Is it still relevant? Short answer: YES.

There is still a tremendous amount of value attending them [exhibitions] and meeting with customers and prospects. Here are some quick fire stats that back this up:

    Research from Hubspot found 68% of professional’s [sic] value face-to-face interactions more than online; 40% of prospects converted to new customers through face-to-face meetings, and 28% of current business that would be lost without face-to-face meetings.
    According to a report by the Centre for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) 99% of marketers noted that they found unique value in exhibitions that they did not receive from other forms of marketing.*

* Source

The Swiss Group of International Schools annual conference is one of Europe's best opportunities to meet and talk to staff from some of the continent's most well-funded and regarded schools. In March 2020 SGIS will meet at Institut Florimont, a bilingual international school in Geneva. In keeping with the venue this year, the conference will be bilingual with sessions being presented in English and French.

Exhibit at SGIS in March 2020 at Institut Florimont

At the heart of the conference in Geneva - right among the delegates - is an exhibition offering school suppliers the opportunity to engage with educators at SGIS schools. Make new contacts, renew old acquaintances, update existing customers with your developments - the exhibition at the conference is an ideal opportunity to fly your flag.

In addition to exhibiting, school suppliers are invited to sponsor parts of the conference. Sponsor branding will be displayed on conference banners, live TV monitors around the conference, alongside specific elements sponsored (e.g. banner by coffee station for a conference catering sponsor). Sponsors will also receive public thanks by company name at opening and/or plenary session/s.

Sponsors are requested to make their commitments by September 30 2019.

Sponsor SGIS

Truffle Sponsor (2)

  • Contribution to gala dinner
  • Simultaneous translation facilities

Saffron Sponsors (up to 5)

  • Featured speaker (speakers are selected by SGIS, though which specific speaker an exhibitor might like to sponsor can be discussed)

Caviar Sponsors (2)

  • Catering day 1 (tea/coffee and lunch breaks)
  • Catering day 2 (morning coffee break and lunch)

Bluefin Sponsors (2)

  • Conference digital app (platform selected by SGIS, in-app branding possible)
  • Lanyards and badges (sponsor is invited to supply branded lanyards)
March 20th, 2020 9:00 AM   through   March 21st, 2020 4:00 PM
Institute Florimont
Avenue du Petit-Lancy 37
Petit-Lancy, 1213
Event Fee(s)
1st delegate CHF 650.00
Please check this to confirm that you will attend the gala dinner CHF 0.00
Additional table/s (in addition to first above) CHF 200.00
Additional exhibitor CHF 450.00
Sponsorship options
Truffle (gala) CHF 15,000.00
Truffle (translation) CHF 15,000.00
Saffron CHF 10,000.00
Caviar Friday CHF 8,000.00
Caviar Saturday CHF 6,000.00
Bluefin digital CHF 6,000.00
Bluefin analogue CHF 4,000.00
Additional exhibitor gala dinner CHF 100.00